Montag, 26. März 2012

Mechanique - Hattara [EP]

new signed act Mechanique with his debut ep on Affin!
tasteful Dirk Schoenhoefer remix included.

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Hattara DJ-feedback

Mark Fanciulli Saved / Ovum / Rejected My fourite pick here is "Lips" really original & creative

Tony Rodriguez Brothers' Vibe Hattara is choice!!

Danton Eeprom Fondation / Tsuba / Love Triangle / Infiné / Freak n'Chic really cool remix

Phonogenic (Cocoon, 20:20 Vision) Dirk's rmx is the one for me.

Noah Pred Thoughtless Music Another great Affin release - feeling it!

Namito Kling Klong / Great Stuff Lips for me please! :)

Sebastian Wilck Sebastian Wilck, Watergate hattara for me. thx

Stojche Argumento / Dogmatik / Tangilbe Assets Dirk Schoenhoefer rework is my pick here

Jonny Cruz Cocoon / My Favorite Robot nice deep release here :)

Darren Rock Rocky / Xpress 2 Nice tracks.

Fabio Mabaan Soul (Saw / Rawthentic) Great EP!Our choice is for "Hattara", will play for sure!!Anyway all EP is cool!

Camilo Muan (Akbal/Supernature) Lips original and Dirk´s remix nice grooves

David Durango David Durango, Poker Flat, Suara, Galaktika Lips remix and Hattara for me! thank you

Alexander Maier Mood Music, Buzzin Fly, Hypercolour dirk did a real great job on this. i like ;)

Christian Culture Box Copenhagen As usual great material from Affin, Hattara is the one for me, thanks!

Claudio Coccoluto various Lips (Dirk Schoenhoefer rework) for me, thanx

kiko martinez Doce Pulgada (Radio / Spain) Download for DocePulgadas, thanks!

Jason Tamplin Three quality, deep and groovin releases, the Dirk Schoenhoefer

rework is the stand out, nice pick up on this one.