Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012

Dirty Culture - After The After [EP]

out on 11th June 2012
inc remixes from
Sean Danke & Clark Davis

supported by

nice ep , thanks
Jay Tripwire
Like the Sean Danke remix, good for late morning sets!
Brothers' Vibe
ALL good.
Arthur Barr Fullbarr Digital
My Fav Affin release so far id defo play after the after and dusty girls!
Alexander Maier Mood Music, Buzzin Fly
Sean Danke is the one for my for early morning sets. like the minimal dub athmo. will play!
Camilo Muan (Akbal/Supernature)
Diggin the Clark Davis Rework!
Namito Kling Klong / Great Stuff
awesome! like all the mixes!
Tuomas Salmela Phonogenic (Cocoon, 20:20 Vision)
clark davis for the boogie vibe
Santi Xpansul Xpansul
Sean's remix for me, tahnks!
Danny Howells Dig Deeper
Great originals and loving the mixes too .. many thanks!
Terry Francis Fabric
davis rmx and original for me
Brendon Collins Summer (Tulipa Recordings)
Great stuff, really like Clark's remix!
Aaron Hedges Disctrict Of Corruption
After the After pumps, will support
Chris Fortier
sean danke remix
Greg Chin Stryke (Plastic City / Ovum)
Sean Danke takes the cake on this EP. really cool textures and groove
Terje Bakke Lordag
i like dusty girls org and sean danke remix :)
Pedramovich Supernature
Love the Sean Danke remix, its well up my street. Beautifully develops, acid progression. Great remix, will happily play at home and perfect for warming up. Clark Davis rework is pretty wicked aswell, attention to detail in the edits and just flows. Good original of Dusty Girls but the remix's pip it for me. Great great work. Thanks
Paco Osuna Plus 8 / Shake / Mindshake
downloaded thank you :)
Nadja Lind Klartraum / Lucidflow
Sean's remix is awesome
Darren House Diesel / Xpress 2
Love After the After orig and Dusty Girls Clark Davis,
Matias Zeque Akbal Music/InfraDigrecords, I Rec, Loco Rec.)
whole package is rocking, thx!
Lucien Nicolet Luciano / Cadenza
Downloaded! Thanx!
Markus Guentner Kompakt / Ware
i love the both originals. great music !!!
Lewis Ryder Space Ibiza / Bigger Deer
Like the 2 originals. After the After has a great sound to it. Thanks, L
Tony Tay Avalon (singapore)
Great package. Loving all mixes... Full support for this beauty!
Carsten Rausch Agora Audio / Acker
Yeah! I like both originals. Thanx.
Noah Pred Thoughtless Music
Digging Dusty Girls' acid bounce...
Orde Meikle Slam / Soma
liking the originals - nice remixes too - thanx
Steve Lawler VIVa Music
downloading for Steve to Support
David Durango David Durango, Poker Flat, Suara, Galaktika
both original mix are great thx
Jonny Cruz Cocoon / My Favorite Robot
cool ep
Andrew Grant Circo Loco
Sean Danke remix is wicked
Robbie Akbal Supernature Recordings / Akbal Music
Sean Danke rmx is cool
Davide & Claudio Dzeta & Basile 1Trax/Plastic City/Real tone
Loving the Dusty Girls (Clark Davis rework) Lazy but groovy! Thx Davide&Claudio
Darren Rock Rocky / Xpress 2
Nice. The 3 versions of Dusty Girls work best for me.