Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

Little Fritter - Raw Fix [EP]

out on 16th January 2012
Little Fritter, one of the most successful acts on Affin hits another time with his brandnew EP "Raw Fix". After countless releases on Affin, Brut!, One Records orthe recently licensed track "Bubbling Bafoon" to Steve Lawler's "Lights out Decade" mix compilation (on Viva Music), "Raw Fix" welcomes 2012 with his unique mixture of pumping house beats and a little dirt between. A "walking" bass, uplifting chords and the driving shaker lines defining "Raw Fix", the opener track. Moerover, you'll be surprised by the merging vocal snippets added to this mover. The Romania based producer team Egal 3 ...[read more] LITTLE FRITTER - RAW FIX (EP SNIPPET) [AFFIN 105] by AFFIN