Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

Jurek Przezdziecki - Full Tone [EP]

Jurek Przezdziecki surprises us with another & new release of his well known distinctive style. Fulltone EP consists of five original tunes. By neo - classical chords ("Sinfonietta") and whole-tone scale harmonies ("Fulltone Rendez Vous"), Jurek leads us to the contemporary ballroom where the tasty house dishes are waiting ("End Of June", "Costa Del Mol"). Finally it's time for a killer dessert cooked from "End Of June" by Adam Marshall - simply a dancefloor bomb remix! It's a unique position in eclectic catalog of Affin Records, undoubtedly.

out on 29 October 2012
inc Adam Marshall rmx

supported by

Pig & Dan (Cocoon) - solid ep, adams remix is tha bomb
Someone Else - adam's remix for me
Nicolas Masseyeff - adam MArshall remix is great !!
Joell Mull (Truesoul, Drumcode, H-Production) - Adam Marschall Remix please.
Jorge Savoretti - adam marshall remix is great! nice ep all in all
Brett Johnson (Cynosure, Frankie) - Really like both mixes of End Of June espec. Adams...
Paul Corey - A label that is going from strength to strength. Excellent EP.
Jamie Anderson - wicked!
Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four) - Adam's remix is tasty :)
Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur) - adam marshall mix for me. thanks
Ergin Karabulut - Costa Del Moll, great
DJ Nori - Adam Marshall remix and Fulltone Rendezvous are great deep staff!
Luciano Sambati (Fabric London) - MArshall rmx for me here!! Groovy!
Alex Tolstey - One of my favorite EPs for the moment Full Tone tune is dope, played it playing it and will play it! The magic fairytale psych mood and this super groove... what can be better! All support!
Subdivisions Radio Show - Digitally Imported Radio - Really digging the 'Sinfonietta' and the Adam Marshal remix of 'End of June'... Thx so much!
Roko ( - All about Adam Marshall remix for me here. Costa Del Moll is cool too!! Will play those two.
Satoshi Fumi (Klik,Outerspace,Moodmusic,Plastic City) - Sinfonietta for me
Emerson Todd (Uponyou/Saved) - really nice vibes on this.. really like it
Grant Paterson - Oh, yes... loving the deep vibes... a right vintage appeal - tasty!
Docepulgadas - Adam Marshall like always fantstic
Ronan Portela - great atmos, liking the whole ep.. thx!
DJ Felipe (Flex Vienna) - Nice one!
Ekkohaus - Adam Marchall's remix is a good percussive tool, thanx...Ekko
samsmcewin - End of June original is fantastic! Will play. Sinfoniette is great too.
Werner Niedermeier - Great originals. Marshall remix is ace!
James Talk - Adam Marshall Remix is great!
DJ Mag - sehr verspielt
Laurent N. - Another nice release on Affin. Original tracks are good with great remix. Will play & Support.
Phuturelabs - Lovely stuff - will defo support.
Alexx Wolfe - one of the most interesting labels at the moment for me
Stuart Todd - great EP Full support!
Osciliator Radio Show - Very solid sound!
Rob Paine - Adam Marshall does this remix pure niceness
DJ Javimar - nice
Signal Deluxe (Blaq Records) - Adam Marshall remix for us!
LAD - adam marshall rmx for me! solid groove!!!
Tom Banham - All well executed but missing that stab of excitement and originality
Jamie Behan - Will give Adam's remix a spin
Safeword - Adam Marshall Remix and Sinfonietta are dope!
Davide Siri - Nice groove :) rich EP with good house music here from this guy!
Sergej Snooze - Nice one, Endo of June original is probably my fav, but Fulltone could make impact on the floor if played in right moment
Jesus Pablo - another solid EP form Affin... will support...
Armin Weigand - COSTA DEL MOLL unfortunately my only favourite
Calin Marian - Sinfonietta is my pick here! Thanks, will give a support on Tunnel FM ;)
Jack Wang - My only issue as a radio DJ is: How the hell am I going to pronounce his last
name on the air? I guess I'll have to go with "Jurek P". As for the EP itself? It's really quite fun, a lot of wacky & unconventional but highly entertaining electronics over some good house beats! The best tracks are #1 (End of June) and #3 (Sinfonietta), and #2 (Adam Marshall's remix of End of June) is also quite good. 1. Funky deep-house with a catchy bassline and cheery little loops. Tasty fun. 2. Drier and crispier remix of #1 where congas and other percussion feature prominently. The bassline is removed from the original and replaced with punchy beats. 3. Super-punchy kickin' drums here! The breaks are accentuated with huge synth chords. I can feel the air swooshing from the hard-hitting beats. I love this track down to the little analog effects. 4. Wild and wacky with lots of nervy warbles and effects and a really space-y theatrical sci-fi organ. Weird and yet fun at the same time. 5. Really spacey and loopy synths with a bumpin' house tempo. It's an unconventional house track but highly entertaining. Reviewed by Jack@KZSU Stanford University Radio KZSU 90.1FM See reviews on