Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012

James Hunter - Kabiko (EP)

another Deep House highlight from the Brisbane (Australia) based Producer/DJ!

Review on Juno Download

Affin continues to impress by operating at the edge of house and techno, and Kabiko is more of the same. The title track is house music at its most out there; shaking castanets and a pitched down vocal intoning phrases like 'house music' and 'here we go again' accompany woozy, druggy chords to a tripped out climax. "Doctor Says" sees Hunter come back down to earth with a drummy, slamming groove that is in line with Affin's techno leanings. However, it seems that house music is on the menu for this release and "The Clown Is Down", with its mixture of forceful bass and jazzy keys, is just right for deep house heads.