Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012

out now: Rough Series 1 (Affin 006 LTD) 12"

With "Rough Series" Affin launches a new label format on vinyl,
selecting the more tech house content for your pleasure.


A1 Stefano Esposito - Broken Brick
A2 Little Fritter - Raw Fix (Egal 3 Remix)
B1 Yoshihiro Arikawa - Generation Y
B2 Dirty Culture - Dusty Girls (Clark Davis Remix)

pre order "Rough Series 1"

"Rough Series 1" already played & supported by

Someone Else - egal 3 rmx for me
Shlomi Aber (Be As One) - loving everything from egal 3
Tommy Four Seven (CLR) - Dig the vibe of Generation Y. thanks
Butch (Bouq.) - Egal 3 rocks
Agaric - the Egal 3 mix is SUPER DOPE
Efdemin (Dial) - generation y is cool!
Electric Indigo - like the raw fix egal 3 mix best here
BLM (Fear Of Flying) - Generation Y is nice, trippy and driving (trippy banger)
Ilario Alicante (Cocoon) - Egal 3's trip for me.
Phonogenic (Cocoon, 20:20 Vision) - clark davis for the boogie vibe
Brendon Moeller - generation Y is a great track.
Jorge Savoretti - egal 3 remix is amazing!
Andrew Grant (Circo Loco) - thanks.. Egal3 mix is nice.
Tini - Egal 3, thanks you.
James Kumo (Ann Aimee) - nice stripped down gear! "Generation Y" is my pic! thanks.
Gerd (4Lux / Clone) - generation y is a nice club tool
DVS1 (Klockworks, Transmat, HUSH) - Egal 3
Camil (Akbal/Supernature) - Diggin the Clark Davis Rework!
Xenia Beliayeva (Datapunk/Dance Electric) - I like Generation Y!
2562 (a made up sound) - gonna test out the egal3 mix, sounds funky
Davide & Claudio Dzeta & Basile (1Trax/Plastic City/Real tone) - Loving the Dusty Girls (Clark Davis rework) Lazy but groovy!
Dimi Angelis - i like Generation Y
Terry Francis (Fabric) - davis rmx
Diversions on chry105.5fm - Broken Brick is my fave
Giovanni & Alessandro (Genetikal Twins) - Solid ep Davis rmx is our favourite