Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

Chosen 3 (Affin 007 LTD) 12" - shipping from 14 January

Affin's 3rd "Chosen" EP continues with superb techno cuts from CLR's Rebekah remixing Chris Page
and an outstanding floor filler from Advanced Human (Gynoid Audio). The B-Side starts with a fabulous
Jeroen Search remix of Egor Boss "Inversion 2.2", Dax J's "New Beginngs" closes this limited 12".

early support
Jonas Kopp, Florian Meindl, Electric Indigo, Peter Van Hoesen, Xpansul,
Slam, Space DJz, Alan Fitzpatrick, Ben Sims, Forward Strategy Group,
Bas Mooy, Audio Injection, DJ Hyperactive, Seph, Rico Henschel, Chris
Liebing, Cosmin TRG, Brendon Moeller,....