Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013

Patrick Bateman - Oxo (EP)

It’s not often Tic Tac Toe label boss Patrick Bateman releases on a label other than his own, but here Joachim Spieth signs up a new EP for his esteemed Affin label, due for release in February 2013. And there’s a back story of sorts: Says Patrick: “During the summer of 2012 I produced 3 tracks made entirely from the Mattias Fridell techno sample pack. The pack was of high quality and it was very interesting to be limited to only those samples, and meant that I had to tweak and edit some of the samples quite a bit to get the results I was after. A useful lesson for me.” First up is ‘Oxo 2’ which sounds deep underwater with warm dubby currents washing over a minimalistic, stripped bare techno rhythm. When the firm kicks land, the whole thing races forward and has your head as engaged as your heel. The same track gets a remix by a fast rising Ukrainian talent Woo York who is a live act specialist and resident at the Cinema Club as well as releasing a highly original brand of techno on labels like Mutex and Planet Rhythm. His version is a subtle reworking that layers in some epic synth ‘scapes and even more fine grain textures. ‘Oxo 3’ is the most blissed out of the lot, with round, rubbery kicks weighted down by atmospheric imagery of some deserted industrial wasteland. It’s dub techno with a real and subtle sense of propulsion. Finally ‘Oxo 1’, a dark and moody techno track that lurks in deep waters throughout. Whip snap percussion sounds hurry the wavy, dubby groove along as industrial echoes rattle about inside the whole thing. The EP overall, proves that sample packs needn’t be an enemy of good music, so long as you have the ideas and skills to make them your own.

from 11 February 2013
inc Woo York Remix